Faith Featured God


February 1, 2018

Faith. That is my one word for 2018. What does faith look like? I practice faith in inanimate objects every day. The chair I sit in, the car I drive, even the food I eat. I trust in these things to assist my daily life. I don’t think about it; I just do it. But I want this year to be something more than the everyday faith. I want it to be real and alive. I want my faith in God to expand so that I can live out a life totally reliant on Him and not on the things around me. Continue Reading

Featured Location Highlights Travel

Location Highlights – My Adventures in Otavalo, Ecuador

December 15, 2017

Otavalo, Ecuador has been one of my most destinos favoritos around the world. The sites, sounds and friendly atmosphere makes this a go-to spot. This is the first place I think of when people ask me for ideas on great places to visit, or places to spend time in. Walking along the streets of this town, seeing all the shops and the weekly open markets makes this a fantastic place to unwind. The pure simplicity makes this place a relaxing, routine travel destination. Continue Reading

Compassion Featured

Hands and Feet

October 22, 2017

I have sat down to write this blog post a half-dozen times! There are so many ways to write about Compassion International. They have done so much for so many people. Because of them and sponsoring and writing children, Compassion has change my life completely. They are the “hands and feet” of Jesus.

Continue Reading

Featured Photography Travel

Puerto Vallarta in Pictures

September 1, 2017

Every place I have visited has a story to tell and a view to capture. Normally, the first thing I think of when I arrive at a new destination or while I am still in transit 😉 is, “how can I make this view an amazing picture?” This normally results in a huge library of mediocre pictures and only a couple of good ones. This wasn’t a problem when I had my Canon 80D because it was hard to constantly carry around a large camera. But, I decided to sell my canon for a more compact camera; The Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus. Continue Reading